Akallis is the pretty sister of Ariadne and also the daughter of Pasiphaes and Minoas, who was the King of Ancient Crete. Her beauty and her attractive character made Akallis so desirable that Greek Gods like Hermes and Apollonas fell in love with her. She had got five sons with them.

Akallis is also the name of the new place for receptions and parties in Varibobi (suburb in northern Attica). It is actually the third place of Ariadne Estate, just after the Knossos and Phaistos places that you already know and love for so many years!

Ακαλλίς - Κτήμα Αριάδνη

Akallis is an open air space in modern style, within a beautiful natural environment and it has all the important preconditions in order to host wonderful receptions, parties and other kind of events. Akallis can host up to 250 persons in a seating plan and it has a covered area too.

The experience, the expertise and the professionalism of all people that work for Ariadne Estate is the guarantee for successful events in Akallis too.

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