Akalis is the beautiful sister of Ariadne, daughter of King of Crete, Minos, and Pasiphae. Her beauty and seductive character were such, that Hermes and Apollo fell in love with her and made her a mother of 5 sons.

Flexible Wedding Reception Area

The third area of ​​the Ariadne estate is called Akallis and it comes after Knossos and Phaistos venues.

Akallis is being transformed into an outdoor, trendy and environmental friendly event venue, with all the necessary infrastructure and sheltered space to host events for up to 200 persons in a seated setup and up to 400 persons at a party event.

The total capacity of the Akallis reaches 800 persons in a standing cocktail party that will take place throughout the estate.

Wedding and Baptism at the estate

Since summer 2017, there are weddings and baptism that take place in the “Step of Pantokrator”, which is located inside the Akalis area. So, you have the opportunity to perform the religious wedding and baptism in the same place as the reception.

Your guests will then enjoy our hospitality, from the moment they deliver their car to the parking, in order to attend your wedding or christening, until the end of the wedding party!

The professionalism and the experience of the people that work in Ariadne Estate ensure the ultimate success in social and corporate events hosted in the Akallis area.

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